A critical involvement of management at Benchmark Global Supply is strategic planning with suppliers to support the flow management process and to stay abreast of the development of new products.  For those clients whose operations extend globally, we manage sourcing on a global basis.  Benchmark Global supply Corp is well versed in the nuances of working globally and can avoid many of the pitfalls that lesser companies may encounter.


Benchmark Global Supply Corp is involved in all activities related to obtaining materials from outside suppliers and the ultimate delivery of these products to our clients.  These activities include resource planning, supply sourcing, negotiation, order placement, transportation, storage, handling and quality assurance thereby relieving your personnel of many of the steps involved in procurement.  We also coordinate with suppliers on matters of scheduling, supply continuity and new sources of products.


Benchmark Global Supply Corp understands that rapid response time is a primary key to success, in your business as well as ours.  Therefore, we utilize e-mail and Internet linkage to convey the requirements of each transaction more rapidly between client, supplier and transportation provider.


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